Turn in Applications to:

Apply online at https://family.titank12.com/RJ2WL4

or turn in paper applications to the school office or the BHUSD Food Service Department, 255 S. Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Meal Applications

Meal applications for 2021-2022 are available NOW!


All student eligibility for free or reduced price meals during the 2020-2021 school year will expire on Tuesday, September 29, 2021.

Students eligible during the 2020-2021 school year will continue to be eligible for free or reduced price meals on the first day of school until September 29, 2021.


Please submit a new application before your benefits expire. 


Applications for the 2020-2021 school year may be submitted now online at Titan K12.


Please allow up to 10 business days to process applications. A letter of eligibility will be sent to the applicant once a submitted application is processed via household letter or email. Complete only ONE application per household.


Remember the following when completing a free and reduced meal application:

  •  STEP 1: List all children living in your household. This includes students that attend BHUSD schools and all other children in grade 12 and below that live in the household. Complete all applicable fields for each child. 
  • STEP 2: Check whether or not you or any household members currently receive CalFresh, CalWorks, and/or FDPIR.
  • STEP 3: If step 2 does not apply to you then only complete step 3. List all adults above grade 12 and income for each person.
  • STEP 4: Fill out your contact information and be sure to sign and date the application.

For further clarification, please review the Letter to Household and Instructions for Application located in the left corner of this webpage and Answers to Common Application Questions in the lower right corner of this webpage. 


Please apply online at https://family.titank12.com/RJ2WL4. All application information is kept confidential. If your child is approved, only the family that applied and district administration will be aware of your child's meal status. All children are treated equally in the lunch line whether they are free, reduced, or full pay. You may also apply with a paper application, however it is strongly recommended to apply online for quicker processing.